The Last Fallen Snow
목요일, 5월 31, 2007

With this, I announce that this blog is officially abandoned
The winter has passed us by

Until the next first snowfall
God bless & Take care


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For My Friend From Your Friend
금요일, 3월 16, 2007

Sweet words are easy to say
Sweet things are easy to buy
But sweet people are difficult to find

Life ends when you stop dreaming
Hope ends when you stop believing
Love ends when you stop caring

To love without condition
To talk without intention
To give without reason

And to care without expectation is the heart of a true friend

From a Friend to a Friend

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Years of Battles - The Comrades
목요일, 3월 15, 2007

[Back L - R]
Parag - The Fashion Critic
Tashi - The Nurse
Mazin - The Joker
Jonathan - The White Boy
Sheena - The Frenchie
Me - The Anonymous
[Front L - R]
Rakhee - The Troublemaker
Safina - The Shopaholic

To all my comrades at war
The tears
The joy

The tears of joy

On this road
We shall make our remark

Me - The Anonymous

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일요일, 3월 04, 2007




Love you, Dad...

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For My Valentine
일요일, 2월 18, 2007

I know it's a bit late, but here goes...

You have turned simple things into amazing things
And trivial matters into sweet memories
Whenever I am with you, everything becomes important
And our memories keep increasing
Even they may seem insignificant to others
But we may turn them into happiness

Such way of thinking is the sign of falling in love with someone

That’s what you’ve taught me

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By heart, by soul...
목요일, 2월 08, 2007

If You were a road
I'd learn every turn
Until I could find my way with my eyes closed

If You were a song
I'd sing along
Until I knew every word and every note

But you were everything to me
A mystery You are the Love I live to see

By heart, by soul
That's how I want to know You
Keep you as close as breath is to life
I want to watch Your Love unfold
By heart, by soul

If You were a place
I'd stay my whole life
Until I had every corner memorized
And if You were a star
I'd follow You home
You would be the Light
hat is my only guide

You were everything to me
My A to Z
You are the Love thats lives in me
I want know You inside and out
Better than I even know myself

If You were a star
I'd follow You home
By heart, by soul

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Ku perlu Engkau Tuhan, di setiap waktu
Ku perlu Engkau Tuhan, di setiap langkahku

Engkaulah harapanku, tempat aku mengadu
Kucurahkan isi hatiku

Segenap do'a hanya dalam Nama-Mu
Kupinta keinginan yang kurindu

Janganlah kehendakku, tetapi kehendak-Mu
Yang jadi di dalam hidupku

Jeffry S. Tjandra - Do'a

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If - Jika
월요일, 1월 29, 2007

If you love someone,
make it so that they always smile and be happy.

Even though to see a smile upon her lips,
you have to trade it with your tears -

And for the happiness across their face,
you have to exchange it with a sorrow in your heart.

Don't let them know that you
work hard and pay a great price only for
a smile and the happiness they obtain.

For love, supposedly, does not expect any favor in return.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Jika kamu mencintai seseorang,
buatlah dia agar selalu tersenyum dan bahagia.

Walaupun untuk melihat senyum di bibirnya,
kamu harus menukarnya dengan air matamu -

Dan untuk melihat kebahagiaan di wajahnya,
kamu harus menukarnya dengan kepedihan di hatimu.

Janganlah sampai dia tahu bahwa kamu
bekerja keras dan membayar mahal hanya untuk
seuntai senyum dan sebuah kebahagiaan yang dia dapatkan;

Sebab cinta, seharusnya, tidak pernah mengharapkan imbalan.

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토요일, 1월 27, 2007

This week has got to be the worst week for the last 20 years of my life...

To make things short, little things have gotten big & they start to irritate me...
For a start, my project presentation did not go well - as I thought it would - purely because we had the toughest marker in the whole University; but on the other side, I did get a lot of help out of him. So it was very disappointing for me, after putting all of the effort & trying to make everyone happy [which I knew was impossible to do, as there are about 4 different personalities to please].

Secondly, I am officially NOT going to the study trip to Spain, because my Head Tutor was late in giving me the official letter from the University to obtain my visa & he had to book the flight today - which of course I did not even have the appointment date yet! So, BYE BYE Spain!!!

Thirdly, I have not feeling very well this last couple of days; been stressing over the project & the History essay [Whatever history got to do with contemporary Architecture] & all sorts of things...

Fourthly, [FOURTHLY sounds really funny & weird for some reason...but anyhow...continue on] there is one more thing which made me sad; but I shall leave it at that... It was all my fault to begin with, opening my eyes & my heart...

PS: Yes! I agree men are stupid; but men can REALLY be EXTREMELY stupid when it comes to loving someone. They just never learn...

Anyway, despite all the trouble, I trust that God is trying to signal something to me... I hope I will pick it up soon!

I trust that everyone is well & sound.

Take care & God bless!

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